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We're back!

Well, the Life Squared site is finally back up and re-developed and we really hope you like our new look. 

We wanted to make the site easier to use and navigate, and we hope this does the job!  The new site includes the familiar content from the old site plus some new ideas like the blog and a much improved search function, so you can find the information you want quickly and easily.

We'd love to hear what you think of the new site - do get in touch and let us know by emailing [email protected].

Don't focus on David

It has been said that Michaelangelo, when asked about the technique he used to produce exquisite sculptures like his famous 'David', replied:

"Don't focus on David. Focus on everything else that isn't David and chisel it away."

Perhaps we could apply this to our lives too. We may not know exactly what we want from our lives, but if we chisel away and remove the distractions and negative things that we know we don't want and are stopping us from living well, then we're likely to find ourselves a lot closer to the life we want.


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