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At Life Squared we can offer a great deal of wisdom, practical experience, intelligence and creative thinking on a wide range of topics from the personal to the political, or from business to philosophical matters.  We have a deep understanding of the issues facing people living within the modern world, as well as innovative ideas as to how to make the world, and people’s individual lives, better.

We have now decided to make this expertise and knowledge available to people - both at an individual level, and also to organisations that are seeking a better world, in the form of our consultancy services.  Get in touch with us at info<at> for an informal chat about what we can offer.

Our consultancy work is split into two main areas:

1. Consultancy for organisations

Click here to download a summary of the services we offer that could make your organisation more enlightened and effective.

2. Life consultant for individuals

Our life consultant is available to provide some wisdom, ideas or just a listening ear on almost any topic you’d like to discuss. Perhaps you’d like to review your values, resolve an ethical dilemma, put together a life plan or understand a particular aspect of the world better. Try us - we might be able to help!  Here is a quote from someone who's recently used our life consultancy service:

I would like to say how extremely helpful our meetings were. You quickly understood the key issues that were preventing me from moving my life forward. Your insightfulness and clear thinking helped me unlock the answers that has meant that I have been able to see and plan for the things that I really wanted to achieve in life in a way that I wasn’t able to before.  Many thanks for your help!

Contact us on 01273 475210 or [email protected] for more details or to arrange an appointment.

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