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Good sources of information

In the section below we present some useful, relevant and trusted sources of information about the world around you, who usually present their information in accessible and interesting ways.  Some of them could help you gain perspective on the world, and others will help you become more informed about important things that affect your life and how you live it.


A brilliant, interesting use of stats and design to shed new light on everyday life.  For example, a video chart to show how long people live and how much money they earn.

Data Blog

This site from The Guardian newspaper provides overviews of important and interesting numbers that shape our world and lives.  There are a number of interesting charts and figures on the site - including UK population figures, endangered species around the world and the latest death rates showing what people in the UK really die of.

The CIA World Factbook

A useful, authoritative overview of basic information about the world - including broad issues like history, population and the economy as well as interesting details such as the number of telephones in the world! 


An internationally respected and trusted organisation with one of the most visited websites in the world.  Dip into their website and you will find information on a wide range of topics.

Information design

A document containing a collection of links from around the web to some interesting ways of using design to communicate information on particular topics.

The Life Squared links library

The Life Squared links library contains signposting and links to websites that provide useful and well-presented information, or important guidance on a range of different themes.

The Life Squared library

The Life Squared library is a list of books on different themes that are interesting, enjoyable, challenging, important or all of these things.

The philosophy canon

10 essential books to help you gain an introduction and overview in philosophy.

The history canon

10 essential books to help you explore history.

The well-being canon

10 essential books to help us improve our well-being...

Your life canon

Following The Life Canon, here are your suggestions of the 10 essential books we need to help us flourish in the modern world...

The life canon

What are the 10 essential books we need to help us flourish in the modern world? We give our top 10 books, as well as some suggestions from you...


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