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One of the most useful forms of perspective we can have is to understand our position in relation to the people and events in history. This not only enables us to see our place in the 'big picture' but also helps us to see how various aspects of the world have developed over time to bring us the world we live in today. See our article within the Perspective section for more details of the benefits perspective can bring.


We have selected below a couple of books that provide an initial overview of history and our place in it:

What on earth happened?

A book that provides an excellent and accessible overview of history - from the big bang to the present day. Highly recommended as an initial way of getting a sense of perspective on history. It is available as a short paperback or a larger hardback book.

History of the world

By JM Roberts - a more detailed history of human civilisation - but still reasonably brief and very readable.

Where am I?

This Life Squared guide provides a short and colourful outline of our place within the history of the universe, our planet and our species..




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