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Home and leisure

This section explores how we can improve the way we approach a range of areas related to our home lives, including food, shopping, energy use and travel.  Click on each section heading to find out more!


This section explores some aspects of leisure time in the modern world and how we can make the most of them.


In the modern world, shopping seems to be the thing that defines us as individuals. The culture of consumerism is dominating the globe and has a major influence on people's worldviews, how we spend our time and how we relate to others.


To live in a more enlightened way, we will need to consider our relationship with places and travel.


Our choice of what we eat and where we get it from can have a big effect not only on our own lives and health, but those of other creatures, people and the environment.


It is important to be aware of the amount of energy we consume, and take steps to reduce it. This section provides tips to help you understand and reduce your energy use.  




This section explores how much water there is, how much we use, how we use it and how we can use less of this vital and finite resource.

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