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Publication list

Listed below are all the publications and downloads currently available on the Life Squared website.  Just click on each link to go to the page and download the publication.


How to eat & exercise well - our no-nonsense guide to the food and diet industries, eating well and getting active.

Manifesto for life - worried about the state of the world right now? Here's how to be the change.

How to be civilised - 8 lessons from the Holocaust that could help us live better lives.

The happy book (well-being for kids)

How to think about death (and life)

How to be alone (and not lonely)

The problem with consumerism

How to live ethically

The inner life (full guide)

The Amazing

The modern life survival guide

How to achieve less (full guide)

The story of energy (full guide)

How to be happy

How to have a better Christmas


The mind diet

Better than shopping

Where am I?

How to get older

What can I do?

How to be yourself

How to get perspective

How to consume less

How to give well

How to get active

Consumer kids

How to escape the email trap

Slow down!

How to live well

How to simplify life

How to connect

How to make the world better

A bit of peace and quiet

Letter from the future

How to escape your screens

How to simplify life

How to achieve less (leaflet)

The inner life (leaflet)

The story of energy (leaflet)


You are here - a good starting point for new visitors to Life Squared, giving some awe-inspiring perspective on your life!

The Life Map - review your life so far - and look to the future

How to age well

Your life is enough - why we need to stop comparing our lives with other people's.

How to stop your smartphone ruling your life

Living at your own pace

The millionaire's story

How to appreciate life

Our complex world

Freedom unwrapped

Introduction to money management

Natural high

The language of politics

The Life Squared library, the life canon (and lots of other book lists)


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