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The topics in this section help you to develop a sense of perspective on your life in the great scheme of things - including in the universe, on the planet and in history.  Click on each section heading to find out more!

The universe

We only have to think for a moment about the vastness of the universe to gain some perspective on our daily lives and concerns. 

 The planet

In the complexity of the modern world, it can be very useful to have some basic perspective on the planet we live on.


We are members of a species spread in large numbers over the planet with different levels of wealth and life expectancy, as well as different cultures and types of political system.
The modern world
The modern world is a very different place from the world that existed 50 years ago. 


One of the most useful forms of perspective we can have is to understand our position in relation to the people and events in history.
Good sources of information
In this section we present some useful and trusted sources of information about the world around you, who present their information in interesting ways.

Ideas and inspiration

We all need new ideas and stimulation to keep us going in life and interested in the world. The development of the web has brought with it a huge range of information and resources on every conceivable subject.




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