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Inner Life

Spirituality, the big questions, our inner lives – call it what you like, but human beings have explored this issue for thousands of years, and doing so can nourish and enhance your life, regardless of whether you hold religious views or are a committed atheist. Everyone can gain something from exploring their inner lives.


At Life Squared, we have no religious views to push, but we want to encourage people to explore this issue because it can bring fulfilment and pleasure to our lives – whether we are religious or not. We aim to talk about these topics in a way that is accessible to all, in order to show how exploring one’s inner world can bring benefits to everyone.  

We all want to find meaning in our lives and to find answers to the big questions.  This section helps us explore these things in an intelligent way.  Click on each section heading to find out more!

The inner life (full guide)

Everyone can benefit from exploring their inner lives - whether you hold religious views or are a committed atheist. This booklet examines what we mean by 'the inner life', why it matters and how we can get the most out of our own inner lives.

 The amazing

A Life Squared booklet showing how to find wonder in everyday life.

The inner life (leaflet)

This Life Squared leaflet provides an initial list of things you can do to explore your inner world.



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