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Have a browse through our free resources to help you navigate life in a thoughtful way. You’ll find publications, audiobooks, videos, teaching materials for schools and lots of other interesting materials for you to use and enjoy..


Why perspective matters and how to get it


Exploring ideas and the big questions of life


How to defend and develop your mind


How to identify and live in line with them


How to live the life you really want

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How to keep life going

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12 ways to maintain a good life during Coronavirus

How to be happy

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The ultimate practical guide on how to promote your happiness.

How to parent through a pandemic

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Tips to help you manage parenting during lockdown.

The problem with consumerism

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Why it's one of the biggest problems of modern life - and how to avoid it.

How to get perspective

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See your life in full perspective - and how Life Squared can help you!