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How to live well

Written by Richard Docwra

In the modern world, everyone is striving to achieve their own particular vision of a happier and more meaningful life. There are many (often conflicting) views and sources of advice out there on how to achieve this, and this complexity can sometimes confuse and distract us from living the lives we really want.

This Life² guide draws together some thoughts from a number of areas of Life² to provide some simple ideas that could help you to live well. Stick it to your wall, pinboard or fridge to give yourself a gentle reminder as you go through the day.

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How to live well

1. Get some perspective – see your life within the bigger picture
2. Get to know yourself and what matters to you – then try to live in line with this
3. Be kind to yourself and accept who you are
4. Give yourself 10 minutes of undisturbed peace and reflection time every day
5. Get some exercise – it will make you feel better
6. Live at your own pace – no-one else’s
7. Make time for idle chat with other people
8. Be aware of how you can be influenced by the external world and try to think critically
9. Get involved in your local area – including the people, places, shops and events
10. Get out into nature – it will make you feel better
11. Be thankful for the amazing fact that you are alive
12. Savour your experience of life – whatever you are doing
13. Find experiences that give you ‘flow’
14. Think about what your values are and try to live in line with them
15. Learn something new every day
16. Explore your inner world
17. Treat other people as you would like to be treated

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