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The Happy Book - well-being for kids

Written by Caroline Searchfield

We're sure that many parents would like to have a booklet that they could read to or give to their kids to help them deal with the ups and downs of life and find ways to make themselves happy.

So we were delighted when one of our readers, Caroline Searchfield, sent us a book she'd written for her son to do just this.

We think it's great - we hope you and your kids get some pleasure from it too!

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The Happy Book - well-being for kids


It is unrealistic to think that we can be happy all the time, but it is clear that some people find it easier to keep on the sunny side and create happiness in their life than others. Life is a journey full of ups and downs, windy paths, short cuts and dead-ends. I wanted to make a simple book for my son to give him a few tools to help him on his travels. It is based on the most commonly found ways of being happy. I hope you enjoy it. For my fantastic son, Thomas, who brings me much happiness and all other the other wonderful children in the world.

Caroline Searchfield

The Happy Book

I like to be happy, so this what I do.
I like to be happy, I’ll share my tricks with you.

I like to have fun, I run, I jump and play,
I don’t let problems get me down or stand in my way.

I look after myself and get a good nights sleep.
I eat lots of vegetables and the occasional special treat.

I do things I enjoy, I like to dance and sing.
When I’m at the park my favourite thing is the swing.

If I get cross it doesn’t last for long,
I say Huff puff and grumble, and then I move on.

I like to do things that make me laugh,
like blowing bubbles in the bath,
building things and knocking them down,
hiding in my dressing gown.

I like to be kind and show people my lovely smile. It might help to cheer them up, make them happy for a while.

Sometimes I feel grumpy and I don’t know the reason why.
Sometimes I feel sad and have a little cry.

If I’m feeling grumpy, I try not to be rude.
I just put on some music until I’m in a better mood.

I can’t be perfect all the time. I’m bound to make mistakes.
Like getting mud everywhere,
or eating all the cakes.

If I do something wrong I make sure I say I’m sorry.
Then I can be happy again and I don’t have to worry.

I like to be with my friends playing silly games,
and I like to be alone playing with my trains.

I like to try new things and I like my old favourites too.
I like to help other people, that’s always fun to do.

I help my Mum to tidy and put away my toys,
I help my Dad to fix things, we make lots of noise.

I like to plant seeds in the garden, water them and watch them grow. If I’ve got bare feet I can feel the grass tickling my toes.

Any excuse for having fun, there’s no need to wait. I can see plenty of things to stop and celebrate.
The sun,
the sea,
a comfy chair,
my cosy bed,
my favourite bear,

my Mummy,
My Daddy,
a furry cat,
a friendly dog,
and a silly hat.

My favourite cup with a squiggly straw,
rolling around on the floor.

Visiting Grandma,
playing a guitar,
eating wobbly Jellies,
splashing in my wellies.

Some people say my glass is nearly empty, when I’ve drunk half my drink. But I say it’s still half full – it’s just the way you think.

© 2014 Caroline Searchfield. License granted to Life Squared to provide as a download and to distribute printed copies.

With many thanks to Caroline Searchfield for letting us use her lovely book.

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