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What should I eat?

The question of what we should eat has become a massive issue in modern life.  Obesity has become a massive problem in the western world, and the internet has brought with it a proliferation of advice and information on what foods are good for us - much of which is poor and ill-informed.

So, we've put together some sensible, simple advice and links to help you eat healthily.

Complement these with an active lifestyle and you have the simplest, most effective way to a healthy existence!


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Overall guidance

The page of the Harvard University website below provides credible guidance, in a simple format, to help people make the best eating choices.  The Harvard website also contains more detailed links to specific aspects of our diets which many people are confused about, including fats and carbohydrates.

The BBC Good Food website has a useful, simple section covering various areas of healthy eating.

More detail

Fats and Cholesterol

The truth about low fat foods

How many calories will I burn?

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