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The inner life (leaflet)

Everyone can gain something from exploring their inner lives.  This Life Squared guide provides an initial list of things you can do to explore your inner world.

Also see 'The inner life - full guide' for a more detailed look at this topic.




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Text Version

1.    Have some daily reflection time - give yourself at least ten minutes each day to sit quietly without disturbance, close your eyes, relax and clear your mind of thoughts.  Feel what it is like to just exist.  Activities such as meditation, yoga or walking in the countryside can help this process, but choose the way that suits you best.

2.    Savour your experiences – whatever you are doing, savour the taste, touch, smell, sight and sound of your experiences, as well as the ongoing stream of consciousness and thought that enables you to think about all of this.  Remember what it is like to be an ‘experiencing’ creature and remembering what it feels like to ‘experience’ anything.  Keeping this in mind can give us a sense of wonder and appreciation in our lives that can really inspire us and improve our well-being.

3.    Be thankful – regularly remind yourself about the remarkable fact that you exist, and are able to reflect on your experience of life.  This doesn’t have to be thanking anyone (like a god) in particular – it is just the process of acknowledging your luck in existing.   This is an easy way to connect yourself with your inner world and feel more positive about daily life.

4.    Think about the big questions - find some quiet time to think about issues such as the meaning of life, how the universe began and how you fit into the great scheme of things.  The perspective you gain from this may well make you feel calmer in everyday life.  Talk to your friends about these questions and see if you gain some new perspectives from each other.  

5.    Learn – read some books on philosophy, the history of thought and religion.  Learn how to think in a clear way about philosophical matters.  Learn about some of the issues that thinkers have grappled with over the centuries, think about them for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

6.    Explore peak experiences - these are strong, life-affirming experiences that lift us ‘above’ everyday life and remind us just what a profound experience it is to exist.  Each of us may find them in different activities – from lying in the grass on a summer day to getting absorbed in a great piece of music.  Our lives are peppered with such experiences - read our booklet ‘The Amazing’ for more details on how to identify them and find more of them.

7.    Explore other people’s experiences – discuss your ideas and experiences of your inner world with other people.  Don’t feel awkward about introducing these topics – most people enjoy talking about these issues when they get the chance.  Doing this could help you develop your own ideas and bring you closer to the other people, by opening up a new side of yourselves to each other.  

8.    Put your life into context – look beyond the rush of daily life and start to see your life in a broader context - as part of a world population, a species, a natural world, a planet and a universe – and see if this changes the way you see your life.

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