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Living your values

Our values can affect a lot of our actions, choices and behaviour in a range of areas of our lives – from relationships to work to shopping choices.   The materials below provide some tips and ideas on how you can live in a way that's more consistent with your values.


Also, a couple of useful books on values and how to live are How are we to live? by Peter Singer and What is good? by AC Grayling.

Center for a New American Dream

A great organisation helping Americans to consume responsibly in order to protect the environment, enhance quality of life, and promote social justice.  Its advice is of course relevant to people in other countries too.  They have a range of interesting ideas on their site, so have a browse.

Climate change - what's needed

If you've been searching for a clear idea of what we need to do as a planet to prevent the worst effects of climate change in the coming decades, here is a useful article by Nicholas Stern giving a clear outline of the reductions in CO2 we need to make.

How to give well

We could all afford to give more to people and causes that need our help. This Life Squared leaflet shows 10 ways you can make your support of these causes as effective as possible.

Ecological intelligence

An interview with author Daniel Goleman about the idea of ecological intelligence - something we all need in the 21st century.

Living your values

A Life Squared article examining a few of the questions that often crop up when we are trying to live in line with our values.

How to make the world better

A Life Squared guide giving 10 ways you can improve the world - starting today.

How to live ethically

A Life Squared guide to living in line with your values.

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