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Resources to help you stand back and gain some perspective on your life within the bigger picture, including your place in the universe, how the world works and how you affect (and are affected by) the world around you.

Topics Universe History Modern life Your place in the world

How to get perspective

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Short eBook Audiobook Video Teaching materials - video Teaching materials Text only

See your life in full perspective - and how Life Squared can help you!

The modern life survival guide

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Full eBook Audiobook Text only

The ultimate guide to living a wiser, happier life in the modern world.

Where am I?

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Short eBook Text only

What's your place in the great scheme of history? Find out here!

10 symptoms of modern malaise

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Text only

Can you identify with these 10 symptoms of modern malaise?

Our complex world

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Short eBook Text only

Did you know just how complex the world is - and that you can navigate this complexity?

The history canon

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Short eBook

The 10 essential books you need to gain perspective on history.