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10 symptoms of modern malaise

Written by Richard Docwra

We've identified below a range of symptoms that many people seem to be suffering from in the modern world.  How many of them do you identify with?

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10 symptoms of modern malaise

1. Stressed by the need to buy the latest things (whether CDs, clothes, gadgets or anything else) but feeling strangely unsatisfied once you've bought them - and then almost instantly wanting something else.

2. Exhausted by working long hours, living a busy life and feeling that you've got no time to yourself to just relax and get some peace and space.

3. Isolated - trying to make and keep up with as many friends as possible, but only rarely connecting with them in the way you'd really like.

4. Distracted by browsing the web and checking your emails every spare minute of the day - but feeling you should be keeping up with everything.

5. Pressurised by the idea that you've got to experience everything - from international travel to lots of relationships - in order to be really 'living life to the full'.

6. Depressed by the idea that you have to look and behave a certain way to be seen as attractive.

7. Struggling to find the right work/life balance. 

8. Confused by the complexity of the world, the amount of information out there and the range of options in your life - but with no guidance on how to navigate all this?

9. Worried that you can see all the bad things going on in the world but don't know what you can do to have any real impact on them.

10. Overwhelmed - feeling that you've lost touch with what really matters to you and what you're really 'about', but at the same time sensing that there must be a way to live that is more 'you' and more in line with what really matters to you - but that it's impossible to see any alternatives to the way you currently live.

How to deal with these symptoms

Did you recognise any of these things in your life? If you did, you're perfectly normal. Life in the modern world makes us feel all these things, and more. But, until recently, there's been no-one around to recognise how we're feeling in this situation, help us understand these pressures or deal with them so that we can lead our own lives.

Until now.  Welcome to Life Squared.  We're a not-for-profit, non-religious, non-government organisation that helps people to live happier, wiser and more meaningful lives within the pressures and complexity of the modern world.

We help you understand the modern world you live in and the pressures it places on you, and help you to deal with these pressures and carve out the life you really want.  It's not life coaching and it's not rocket science.  It's just about living in a well-informed, autonomous way.

We provide people with accessible and no-nonsense ideas, information and tools to help them see their world more clearly and live well.  Most of these are free to use.  We look at topics as diverse as 'How to get some peace and quiet', 'How to be happy' and 'How to live more ethically'.

Check out our getting started page or just jump in and browse around the site using the menus at the top, left and right of the page.  There's bound to be something that will help or inspire you!

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