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We are already living way beyond the limits of our planet. Humanity has moved from using about half the planet’s biocapacity in 1961 to over 1.25 times it in 2003. We are also facing the critical issue of climate change and, in the next few years, the beginning of a decline in the level of global oil supplies available for our use. It is therefore important for us to be aware of the amount of energy we consume, and take steps to reduce it. The links below provide information and guidance to help you understand and reduce your energy use.

The story of energy

A major Life Squared project helping people to understand their relationship with energy and play their part in dealing with our global energy crisis.

What can I do?

This Life Squared guide shows some of the most important steps you can take to reduce your CO2 emissions, and the possible impact each could have on your emissions.

Guide to home energy appliance use

A simple, clear list of the amount of energy that different domestic appliances use. Use it to help you identify ways to save energy and money.

Global personal energy meter

This calculator from National Geographic enables you to calculate your footprint, taking into account the country you live in.

Energy Saving Trust

A good source of information on how we consume energy and how we can save it.

Introduction to energy

The link above explores the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy. This link from openDemocracy challenges us to go back to basics and explores what energy is actually for.



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