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How ideas work

In our lives we spend a lot of time working with abstract things, including ideas such as 'freedom', political views and abstract ideas like the meaning of life.  This section helps us understand some of the most important abstract ideas in our lives and how to think about them.  Click on each section heading to find out more!


Freedom is an important topic in modern society - political parties, pressure groups and even we as individuals are often involved in debates about how to protect or increase our levels of freedom - either generally or for specific groups of people.


Ideas of justice and fairness play a big part in our lives - from politics to the workplace to our own lives.


What are rights?  What are our rights?  This section explores one of the most fundamental concepts overarching our lives as individuals.behaviour.


What is the reality we live in?  Should we believe our senses?  This is one of the bigger philosophical questions facing our daily lives - and one that is worth us all considering.

Religion and belief

This section explores the subject of religion and belief, including the main belief systems, the popularity of these belief systems around the world and what religion actually is.



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