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How to improve your life

At Life Squared we want people to be able to live the lives they want.


Although we are not a life coaching organisation, it can sometimes be useful to have some structured ideas on how to stand back from your life, think about how you want to live and then take action to do it.


The resources below offer some structure and ideas to help you consider how you can improve your life.

Just think... - short version

A free, edited, paper-based version of our 'Just think' course (see below for details of full course) that you can do quickly on your own. It follows the same basic structure as the main JT course and is a good way to try it out before you sign up for the full course.

How to live well

A Life Squared guide that provides some simple ideas that could help you to live well. Stick it to your wall, pinboard or fridge to give yourself a gentle reminder as you go through the day.


Just think... course

An interactive Life Squared course that gives you the chance to meet new people, stand back from your life and find ways to live the life you really want.


How to achieve less (guide)

This Life Squared booklet explores our modern obsession with striving and provides some practical tips that could help you to stop striving and start living.  It's the antidote to self-help books!
How to achieve less (leaflet)
A Life Squared leaflet that provides 8 ideas on how to stop yearning and striving in life, so that we take the pressure off ourselves.

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