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Know your world

Modern life is complex, so we've brought together the key pieces of information you need to live well, presented in an interesting way.  Some of it is to help you get perspective on your life in the world, and the rest is to be more informed about important things that affect your life and how you live it.


The topics in this section help you to develop a sense of perspective on your life in the great scheme of things - including in the universe, on the planet and in history.

How the world works

Interesting and accessible background on some of the important ideas and institutions that overarch our society, including politics and economics.

How people work

Our knowledge of human beings as creatures continues to grow, and this section provides some interesting background on what makes us tick, including topics such as how our minds work and sociology.

You and the world

In the modern world each of us has an effect on, and is affected by, the world around us.  This section explores how our actions affect the wider world and how the wider world can influence and affect us.

How ideas work

The modern world is a very different place from the world that existed 50 years ago. 


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