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Money can be a taboo subject for some people trying to live better lives, as they see money as one of the key causes of many problems in the world, and would therefore rather not have to think about it.  For better or worse though, having enough resources to live on is an essential element of anyone’s life, and knowing how to manage these resources can help us to live the life that we want – especially if it is one in which we don’t want to be slaves to money.



This section contains resources on a range of issues relating to money - from practical ideas on how to take control of money in your own life through to broader discussions on what relationship we should have with it.  It's important to note that we are not giving financial advice here - as we're not qualified to do this - we're simply providing some resources to help you think about these areas.

Money management

Your money or your life

Website and book exploring how you can manage your financial resources to live a better life.


Money advice service

Independent website with lots of useful advice and tools to help you better manage your money, including budget planner, savings calculator and pension calculator.

50 money saving tips

50 useful ways you can save money. 

Money saving expert

A very popular site, often featured on prime time TV, and not only offers advice on how to spend less, but also on how to stop spending money generally.

Using your money ethically

Your ethical money

Learn more about ethical finance, including banking, investments, pensions and mortgages.


Current accounts - ethical buyer's guide

A guide from Ethical Consumer giving ethical ratings for a number of current accounts.  Note that this guide provides ratings based on ethical criteria only - it says nothing about the security or investment value of those accounts. 


A potentially powerful way to use your money to help people in need - give them a direct loan from as little as $25.

Giving What We Can

A website that has a simple calculator to enable you to work out how rich you are in comparison to everyone else in the world - and the results may surprise you.  Aside from the calculator, the site has the admirable aim of encouraging people to give at least 10% of their salary to good causes.

Living on less

The cashless life

A thought-provoking lecture from Mark Boyle - a man who claims to have lived without money in recent years.



An online community where you can give away stuff you don't need any more and get new stuff that others are giving away for free.

Life Squared publications

Introduction to money management

This Life Squared article provides a brief guide to how to make the best use of your financial resources.


The millionaire's story

This Life Squared article features a rare, honest conversation with someone who has made a lot of money. In it they talk candidly about what it’s like to have gone from having nothing to growing a significant level of wealth. They talk about the advantages and disadvantages of wealth and whether it actually changes life for the better. They have learned a number of lessons that many of us can also learn a lot from.



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