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Tell us your lessons from lockdown!

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Emerging from lockdown

How we can live with more wisdom after lockdown

Supporter Communications Manager (Voluntary)

A chance to change the lives of our members and supporters!

We are looking for someone with good writing and communication skills, experience of supporter databases and a sense of curiosity about the world to manage our relationships with supporters and members – from writing our weekly emails to sending resources to our members.

Marketing Manager wanted! 29th May 2020

A chance to make a big impact and make the world better with marketing!

We are looking for someone with great social media skills, plus strong publicity, PR and communications experience and bags of energy to enable us to reach and help more people.

Life Squared is a not-for-profit organisation that helps people to navigate the complexity of life so they can live in a happier, wiser and more meaningful way. We help people learn a range of critical life skills that we all need in order to live self-driven, civilised and fulfilled lives.

Conversation Clubs

Join our online calls to keep people talking and making friends during the Coronavirus crisis!

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Being a friend to yourself

One day last week, I was having a bad day.  I was feeling moody, not looking at my best (couldn’t be bothered to shave) and generally not wanting to engage with anything or anyone.  Essentially I was trying to get through to the end of the day without effort - on autopilot.

Publications list

Now that we've made our resources available to everyone, this seems like a good time to provide a list of the publications we've produced to date!

Check out the list here - just click each link to visit the page!

Don't focus on David

It has been said that Michaelangelo, when asked about the technique he used to produce exquisite sculptures like his famous 'David', replied:

"Don't focus on David. Focus on everything else that isn't David and chisel it away."

Perhaps we could apply this to our lives too. We may not know exactly what we want from our lives, but if we chisel away and remove the distractions and negative things that we know we don't want and are stopping us from living well, then we're likely to find ourselves a lot closer to the life we want.

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